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09 March 2016

Interactive Spaces

Category: Experience Design, Product Design Date: Winter, 2014 Project Members: Michael Ha, Christian Ø. Laursen,  and Anders Høedholt Description This project was part of the course Interactive Spaces at Aarhus University. The project was in collaboration with the Botanical Garden in Aarhus, Denmark. The goal of the project was to give visitors a glimpse into what they […]

09 March 2016

Robot-Supported Food Experiences

Category: Experience Design, Human-Robot Collaboration Date: Spring/Summer, 2015 Publication: Laursen, C., Pedersen, S., Merritt, T., Caprani, C. Robot-Supported Food Experiences: Exploring Aesthetic Plating with Design Prototypes. (Full Paper) Presented at IEEE: RO-MAN 2015 in Kobe, Japan. Accepted for inclusion in LNAI Special Volume: Proceedings of RO-MAN 2015, Cultural Robotics. (2016) Project Members: Christian Ø. Laursen Description This project […]

09 March 2016

Experience Design

Category: Experience Design Date: December, 2012 Press: TV2 Østjylland @ 10:30 Publication: Re-Designing the Dining Experience: Harpooning Meatballs in the Name of Co-Creation Description A class-wide project in the Experience Design course, which concluded in a experimental dinner experience for children cooked by chefs from I’m A Kombo. The dinner experience challenged social norms of eating by experimenting with new […]