Interactive Spaces

Category: Experience Design, Product Design

Date: Winter, 2014

Project Members: Michael Ha, Christian Ø. Laursen,  and Anders Høedholt


This project was part of the course Interactive Spaces at Aarhus University. The project was in collaboration with the Botanical Garden in Aarhus, Denmark. The goal of the project was to give visitors a glimpse into what they could expect to see in the Botanical Garden. However, the more specific aim of the project, was to showcase the human-nature relationship and how we depend on nature’s resources, such as oxygen.

The concept itself consist of a globe that are inflateable. In addition, two circular levels contains the interacting elements. The lower level holds various plants from different environmental zones from the world. The upper circular level has square holes where the plants fit in.

The idea of the above, is that the visitor can take a given plant from the lower circular level and place it at the corresponding position at the upper level. Consequently, the globe in the center will start inflating, suggesting that by planting a plant, the world is provided with oxygen giving life to the world and earth.