Wireless Speaker

Category: Product Design

Date: Winter, 2012/2013


For this individual project I was assigned to design a wireless and transportable speaker based on the keyword “Feminim”. The project was part of a course Project Communication and Visualization. The basic designed is inspired by a clam that hides the beautiful pearl inside, as well as a make-up disc you open up to reveal the real functionality. The idea of a speaker that opens up like a clam to reveal the real beauty goes along with the requirement of it being transportable. Thus, the speaker should be robust enough to be transported everywhere, which again corresponds to the hard shell of a clam protecting the delicate inside. The connection to a make-up disc is mainly how it is something that women always carry around. When it is closed, the functionality is hidden and it doesn’t take up as much space.

So the basic idea is that the speaker is closed when it is to be moved around or not used, and as you use it, you open it to reveal the real functionalities of the speaker. The buttons are positioned with enough space between each other so the user won’t accidently hit the wrong button. In addition, each button are shape according to their functionality providing the possibility to interact with the speaker without carefully looking at what you are pressing.

The design was sketched out in Rhino3D and rendered using V-Ray.