I enjoy changing the way we interact with everyday objects in order to create new meaningful experiences through the use of technology.


You can find selected work developed during the undergraduate and graduate programme of my education as an ICT Product Developer.



Strong in identifying ill-defined problems and generating ideas for possible and suitable solutions in cooperation with the customer. This includes facilitating workshops for potential users to identify needs hands on.

Rapid Prototyping

I know how to go from concepts on paper, to physical and technically working prototypes that serves to illustrate and communicate the intention well for the customer. Whether it be paper prototypes or fully functional high-fidelity prototypes. Prototyping skills includes; circuitry, Arduino, 3D modelling/printing and so on.


I enjoy and thrive working in interdisciplinary teams, where I see diversity as an enriching element for the development process. Additionally, I'm an eager learner that strive to acquire knowledge through the collaboration with people.


I know the strength and weaknesses of various development methods. However, I endorse iterative and agile development, which is methods and processes I am most comfortable with. Nonetheless, I'm very adaptive.


From my education I have developed good communicative skills that spans across professional fields. I know how to communicate ideas and solutions, regardless of whether it's a designer, software architect, or marketing manager. Additionally, I'm a strong presenter that has been travelling for conferences to present published work.

Who am I?

Søren Pedersen

Cand. Scient. ICT Product Development


Technical: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CCS, ActionScript 3, Arduino/Phidgets

Visualisation: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Rhino3D, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting

Design Methods: Observations, Qualitative interviews, Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis, Workshops, Research-through-Design, Rapid Prototyping, Customer Journeys


My name is Søren Pedersen and I’m 26 years old. I have a Cand.Scient. in ICT Product Development from Aarhus University, January 2016. My passion is to identify and solve everyday problems, small or big, through the use of technology. I generally take a research-through-design approach when looking for a way to solve a problem.

I have always had a passion for technology and electronics from a young age. It started mostly with the increasing popularity of video games on the various platforms emerging in the 90s. I started with an old DOS computer my father had for accounting where you through a series of commands could play various small games. From there on, my interest for technology increased and evolved to where I am today. I’m striving to build the interfaces of tomorrow with a strong emphasis on creating delightful and meaningful experiences for the user.

My professional interests

As I started at the University on the Product Design education, my goal was to acquire the knowledge that would help me push toward the goal of making a difference through the use of new and innovative technology. During my time at the University, a lot of my interest has been on how interaction with very ordinary objects could change to create new meaningful experiences. Not necessarily make the interaction more efficient per se, but change the way we use technology, or an object, in a way that would make us feel intrigued or excited. One of my beliefs, is that efficiency shouldn’t be the soul purpose of inventing new technological solutions and products, but instead design for experiences that move the user in a new direction. Christian Ø. Laursen and I explored this way of thinking in my Master’s Thesis, which can be viewed here.

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