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09 March 2016

Exploring Human-Robot Collaboration in Architectural Design Processes

Category: Human-Robot Collaboration, Interaction Design Date: Fall/Winter, 2015/2016 Publication: Exploring Human-Robot Collaboration in Architectural Design Processes (Master’s Thesis) Project Members: Christian Ø. Laursen Description As my Master’s Thesis this project concluded my 5 and a half year at Aarhus University. As with the other robot project regarding robot-supported food experiences, this project also revolved around the use of […]

03 February 2016

Volkswagen HMI Project

Category: Interaction Design, Interfaces, Product Design Date: June, 2014 This project was part of the Innovation Project course during the 4th year of my education as M.Sc. in ICT Product Development. The course was done in collaboration with Volkswagen AG’s HMI Group, which also means that the project is under a NDA as they own the rights […]